Fagan: No Ordinary Joe | Documentary

12. Ožu 2021.
39 405 Pregleda

To commemorate what would have been Joe Fagan's 100th birthday, we pay tribute to our legendary former coach and manager.
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  • This man is my dads great uncle ❤

    LucasHood92LucasHood92Prije 5 dana
  • Phil Thompson is wrong. He is fully appreciated by Liverpool fans, great man

    Kevin HunterKevin HunterPrije 21 dan
  • One day we will watch videos of Klopps achievements in the same way.

    AssadAssadPrije 28 dana
  • Class.

    PppPppPrije 29 dana
  • I LOVE IT!!! (YNWA- Mr FAGAN) THANK YOU. 💚💚💚💚💚

    J.C. ANYIAMJ.C. ANYIAMPrije 29 dana
  • Doing a podcast tonight on the dynamo podcast network,find us on youtube and subscribe,we are doing a special on joe fagan,we done one recently on the passing of our great ian st. John. I love these vids from liverpool of our heroes,its why we love the club

    dinoroddinorodPrije mjesec
  • Great documentary! Thank you Joe! YNWA

    EdwardinhoEdwardinhoPrije mjesec
  • Thanks for the memories Joe...and the trophies of course :)

    Caeser RomeroCaeser RomeroPrije mjesec
  • Love and respect for this great man YNWA Joe .

    sunnyxdayssunnyxdaysPrije mjesec
  • How the hell is Ferguson the goat with Paisley having that kind of a record ! Recency bias

    Rohit SharmaRohit SharmaPrije mjesec
  • 10:01 who's that asian guy who shake hand with souness between a trophy

    Nos feratuNos feratuPrije mjesec
  • God bless Joe fagan.. Giant of a man.. I'm an Evertonian..but He was immense

    Neil JamesonNeil JamesonPrije mjesec
  • One of our greats and didn't deserve that heart breaking finish to his career

    maxpowermaxpowerPrije mjesec
  • Good honest, humble people like this come about very rarely, before you know it they are gone and we realise how much we should appreciate them. Always a legend!

    SAMaxLegendASSAMaxLegendASPrije mjesec
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    ليفربول حلم حياتيليفربول حلم حياتيPrije mjesec
  • Thank YOU Joe Fagan. YNWA

    Fatoom GierdienFatoom GierdienPrije mjesec
  • Hats off to a lovely man and legend. 🙌🏾

    Great IgiekhumheGreat IgiekhumhePrije mjesec
  • After 44+ years of supporting LFC, I have seen the ups, the downs, and the second coming. Many clubs would give an arm, a leg to have a ‘’smoking Joe’’ in their ranks and we had Him. Smoking Joe and the boot room made LFC what it is for all ages..... the love and admiration for Joe will never end.

    jassim alserkaljassim alserkalPrije mjesec
  • Fagan

    Ruth AbrahaRuth AbrahaPrije mjesec
  • memories!!!....CLASS.... ONE OF THE BEST ..YNWA!!!

    Don RebelDon RebelPrije mjesec
  • Thanks Joe YNWA

    Dennis MartinDennis MartinPrije mjesec
  • There’s a man you never hear media talk about when they line up the great managers a treble in his first year . If he had managed any other club he would be legendary but it was Liverpool gov & media are no friends of the MIGHTY REDS.

    North RedNorth RedPrije mjesec
  • we need another boots room

    Riyo AlRiyo AlPrije mjesec
  • Superb documentary. Well done!

    Nick HopeNick HopePrije mjesec
  • Thank you Joe, what a wonderful tribute

    amphilbeyamphilbeyPrije mjesec
  • Just 2 words for Joe from all Liverpool Fans around the world: "Thank You"

    Adithya AcharyaAdithya AcharyaPrije mjesec
  • A fantastic tribute! Legend!

    BrightonLeccyTVBrightonLeccyTVPrije mjesec
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    work for ALLAHwork for ALLAHPrije mjesec
  • What a truly dignified man he was...needs more like that now in the game...please take me back when football truly was great 👍🏼

    Stuart BellStuart BellPrije mjesec
  • Well put together, thank you

    T O'NeillT O'NeillPrije mjesec
  • Legend ynwa joe

    William ParkeWilliam ParkePrije mjesec
  • Nice contribution from Graeme Souness

    seth1455seth1455Prije mjesec
  • What a legend

    gerard murphygerard murphyPrije mjesec
  • Legend

    Kev NelsonKev NelsonPrije mjesec
  • What a boot room....y n w a

    1234 Abcd1234 AbcdPrije mjesec
  • “The great smoking Joe” Legend!!! YNWA

  • Legend ❤️

    A YousefA YousefPrije mjesec
  • in tears

    Graham SmithGraham SmithPrije mjesec
  • More than just a football club

    Rana Vijay Singh FezahRana Vijay Singh FezahPrije mjesec
  • What a documentary to cheer you up when you're feeling down. Please keep them coming. Joe Fagan. Who didn't love this man. A true gent. YNWA

    Giovani PuglieseGiovani PugliesePrije mjesec
  • He was from the YNWA family. 🙏

    Ронахи Дневной светРонахи Дневной светPrije mjesec
  • One of the most underrated managers in his era. A LFC legend and gave his life to our LFC. Thank you Joe Fagan.

    Richard ManRichard ManPrije mjesec
    • totally agree with you well said!!!

      Don RebelDon RebelPrije mjesec
  • Lovely tribute to Joe. These are the men that created that special culture at the club and its people like Joe who make our club unique. This means more! YNWA

    Eddie AEddie APrije mjesec
  • A real LFC, Scouse legend. Happy birthday Joe and thank you. YNWA.

    Phil RItaPhil RItaPrije mjesec
  • A legend, proper old school.

    Rob WilsonRob WilsonPrije mjesec
  • Legend lives Forever. YNWA.

    Vincent SerumVincent SerumPrije mjesec
  • Imagine someone smoking on the bench in the cup final...

    kevin williamskevin williamsPrije mjesec
  • Bless you, you were a great man who achieved great things. I remember you and, when I do, it makes me smile.

    The_RaptorThe_RaptorPrije mjesec
  • Happy 100th Joe Fagan, much love x

    Pistolero891Pistolero891Prije mjesec
  • Thank you Joe ❤️❤️❤️❤️ YNWA

    Sinan Shanavas 4Sinan Shanavas 4Prije mjesec
  • Wow! Wow! Wow❤️🙏🏻

    SK MD SahilSK MD SahilPrije mjesec
  • What a legend.

    telephonictelephonicPrije mjesec
  • When people say football is just a game, show them this man's passion

    vacantplanetvacantplanetPrije mjesec
  • Need a documentary on Sir Shankly! Sir Paisly Sir Kenny Daglish

    SK MD SahilSK MD SahilPrije mjesec
  • The Man, The Myth, The Legend of ANFIELD Hero of The Kop a Man of The People! YNWA Joe!

    muhammed rahmanmuhammed rahmanPrije mjesec
  • I was always thinking of it. I believe that his job is not very much appreciated by people. But this documentary shows that our people love him so much to this day for everything he has done for the club. God bless you Mr Joe Fagan

    Saurabh JainSaurabh JainPrije mjesec
  • Just WOW!

    Wilgeforz WizardWilgeforz WizardPrije mjesec
  • legend

    Liverpool fan since 2007Liverpool fan since 2007Prije mjesec
  • Humble and thoroughly nice Gentleman ...

    Joacim NieminenJoacim NieminenPrije mjesec
  • Beautiful wonderful and the rest...

    john hawkins hawkinsjohn hawkins hawkinsPrije mjesec
  • Whenever i see myself as a liverpool fan i feel like i am a different species just like you all there fellas !😚

    blackDRAGONjinjablackDRAGONjinjaPrije mjesec
  • 11:58 messi? is that u?

    k4n24k1l0r3k4n24k1l0r3Prije mjesec
  • An original boot room member legend

    LFC SpectreLFC SpectrePrije mjesec
  • 💗💗💗💗But you don't care about the Arab fans

    العاب gamesالعاب gamesPrije mjesec
    • Because your all plastic fans

      ReAL passw0rd thot destroyerReAL passw0rd thot destroyerPrije mjesec
  • Legend!

    aishxaishxPrije mjesec

    Vieira GamesVieira GamesPrije mjesec
  • Happy birthday, Joe Fagan. And thank you. ❤️

    Mari Therese ReyesMari Therese ReyesPrije mjesec
  • I was waiting for this for soooooooooooo long..... Please do the same for Ronnie Moran and Roy Evans as well....

    Hari SankarHari SankarPrije mjesec
  • Legend. Never forgotten, always loved.

    JasonJasonPrije mjesec
  • First season a treble wow

    Mas AMas APrije mjesec
    • Yep 1983/84 season

      LFC SpectreLFC SpectrePrije mjesec
  • Kids these days should watch these and not just the current stars because they are the foundation. The bricks that build our great club. The black and white days. The old school ways.This means more.

    Ancy GeorgeAncy GeorgePrije mjesec
    • agreed, good to learn some history of the club.

      666 BRLN 999666 BRLN 999Prije mjesec
  • Happy Birthday Mr. Joe Fagan enjoy your birthday in heaven. Happy Birthday legend

    Jace AmwardJace AmwardPrije mjesec
  • That the Great Bill Shankly had the foresight to keep the backbone of that infamous "Boot Room" and turf out 24 playing staff, says it all ! 96 ❤ YNWA

    JOHN McNultyJOHN McNultyPrije mjesec
  • Extraordinary Joe . 💎💎💎💎💎💎!!!!!! What a Person . A true LIVERPOOL GREAT . RIP 💎💎💎💎💎💎!!!! YNWA 🤘🤘🤘🤘

    David LalorDavid LalorPrije mjesec
  • Loved that. Legend. The bit where Souness says he sat with his arms around him on the coach after Souey was told his mum was about to die made me well up. Well played, Joe. x

    Glen AitkenGlen AitkenPrije mjesec
  • What a man!

    JayJayPrije mjesec
  • Mr Liverpool through and through ...what an absolutely genuine man with no airs and graces.

    Free SpeechFree SpeechPrije mjesec
  • Absolute Liverpool legend 🙌

    marty mcflymarty mcflyPrije mjesec
  • Brilliant. Blood,sweat and tears into Liverpool 🔴⚽️ Istanbul 7 🏆

    Robert MurphyRobert MurphyPrije mjesec
  • Gotta love the lad. Such inspiration, YNWA

    Tasha IsiborTasha IsiborPrije mjesec
    • Yeah❤️ YNWA

      Sinan Shanavas 4Sinan Shanavas 4Prije mjesec
  • if i hear another mbappe rumor im going to SCREAMMMM!!! enough with that bullshit.

    Alley hartleyAlley hartleyPrije mjesec
  • My love for Liverpool is eternal

  • Many thanks Mr Fagan

    Sydanuar SydmansorSydanuar SydmansorPrije mjesec
  • Legenddd

    Mark PembertonMark PembertonPrije mjesec
  • "F off, we've payed all this money for you and you're asking me how to play football" 🤣 the game has changed.

    Sean McSean McPrije mjesec
  • in floods here ... I was at Maine Road Notts County and Rome ... it couldn't have happened to a nicer bloke than Joe

    lastschickerlastschickerPrije mjesec
  • Jonas: the ordinary joe

    Fajr MubarakFajr MubarakPrije mjesec
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    ليفربول حلم حياتيليفربول حلم حياتيPrije mjesec
  • انا من اليمن احب ليفررررررررربوووووووول

    ليفربول حلم حياتيليفربول حلم حياتيPrije mjesec
  • اتمن ان. يتحقق. حلمي واوصل الانفلد. ان احب النادي الاحمر. ليفربول

    ليفربول حلم حياتيليفربول حلم حياتيPrije mjesec
  • Thanks LFC, great work

    johnmichaelwilsonjohnmichaelwilsonPrije mjesec
  • We miss this man a lot.

    ราชันชุดเหลือง THราชันชุดเหลือง THPrije mjesec
  • Thank you Sir ❤️❤️

    Pes is AwesomePes is AwesomePrije mjesec
  • A lovely man, a Liverpool legend

    roseann greganroseann greganPrije mjesec
  • What a legend.

    Mr NoodleMr NoodlePrije mjesec
  • Great 👍

    H MOOSAWIH MOOSAWIPrije mjesec
  • Brought a tear to my eyes, what a fantastic gentleman.

    rich froggattrich froggattPrije mjesec
  • Joe Fagan going mental at the players during the FA Cup final with a ciggie in his hand should be a statue.

    eddie lasowskyeddie lasowskyPrije mjesec
  • Liverpool’s DNA is made up of all these different people, great people. Bill Shankly, Bob Paisley, Joe Fagan, Ronnie Moran, Reuben Bennett, Roy Evans, Kenny Dalglish, Houllier, Rafa & Jurgen. - Numerous great players, far too many to mention. - The fans, the staff, the people. The blood, sweat, tears and joy of these people are in the soil on the Anfield pitch. I feel part of that DNA also. *Our Blessed 96,* YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE!

    John McMahonJohn McMahonPrije mjesec
    • Well said. The legends of Liverpool.❤️

      Mari Therese ReyesMari Therese ReyesPrije mjesec
  • Excellent documentary about Joe Fagan! Liverpool FC we need More Content On Club Legends, Heroes Who Actually Never Seeked Fame & Fortune! Just Football Men Through & Through! YNWA x

    Eddy SandlandEddy SandlandPrije mjesec