Diogo Jota vs Tekkz & Stingrayjnr | 'LFC ePL All-Star Game'

13. Ožu 2021.
119 668 Pregleda

Join us live as we bring you two exciting games of FIFA 21, with Liverpool FC striker Diogo Jota taking on the winners of LFC's ePL club play offs. Leave your questions in the live chat during the game, for our Q&A with the players.
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  • Who beated

    Zamiir PhotographyZamiir PhotographyPrije 21 dan
  • Liverpool 11111111111111111111111111111:0 arsenal i love Salah and Mané and jota and Wijnaldum and Alisson and Jürgen Klopp and origi and van Dijk

    super gamer prosuper gamer proPrije 28 dana
  • 27:06 jota did score ynwa

    BHY ProductionsBHY ProductionsPrije mjesec
  • Lfc win

    Muhamad MuhaiminMuhamad MuhaiminPrije mjesec
  • We must sse a re-match of Diogo v Trent

    Heramb RanaHeramb RanaPrije mjesec
  • Reds 🔴🔴 YNWA

    sajid iqbalsajid iqbalPrije mjesec

    lol lollol lolPrije mjesec
  • I love Diogo Jota!

    민피셜Minfficial민피셜MinfficialPrije mjesec
  • can this game play as 2v2? need to see TAA and Diogo teamup against tekkz and sting

    Komang RakaKomang RakaPrije mjesec
  • it was a goddamn green, why did you say it was blue

    Hadekha E.F.Hadekha E.F.Prije mjesec
  • Why can't they play without hearing the commentary and them asking questions, must be a major distraction and annoying asf. It's like dude stfu im trying to concentrate.

    Rick DailyRick DailyPrije mjesec
    • @Rick Daily that was cuz of lag not cuz of frustration.

      hitnail halfwayhitnail halfwayPrije 29 dana
    • @Sean Raffetto exactly why would anyone think that's a good idea , im sure you can actually see how pissed of Jota is cause these guys won't shut up. Its like when he conceded the second goal , all they did was laugh at him. If you closely it looks like he gets annoyed by the fact they're talking and literally lets the goal go in out of frustration.

      Rick DailyRick DailyPrije mjesec
    • Agreed that's gotta go. Let them play. Why would they think that's a good idea

      Sean RaffettoSean RaffettoPrije mjesec
  • Good morning Guy 4:30 am

    M M InsimamM M InsimamPrije mjesec
  • yessss

    Alifrz_Alifrz_Prije mjesec
  • This guy does commentary in Efootball pes matchups

    Rahul S NRahul S NPrije mjesec
  • Nice na

    Norou NdiayeNorou NdiayePrije mjesec
  • Jota vs arnold pls

    jim haritidisjim haritidisPrije mjesec
  • Fifa is horrible. Just stop with this. If you actually enjoy this game you're an addict or have mental illness. In which case you need Professional help and that's ok!! We have to start sticking up for what's right. What this game has done to our sport is a disgrace.

    YouTube DrifterYouTube DrifterPrije mjesec
    • Damn u must hate the game with a passion. U wrote a full essay

      CharvikCharvikPrije 23 dana
    • @n_!_rt u thank you. I actually do it a lot for a living.

      YouTube DrifterYouTube DrifterPrije mjesec
    • if that was dictated (not edited) you've got a gift with oratory presentations mate!

      n_!_rt un_!_rt uPrije mjesec
    • @ThePhenomenalOne Not sure who Dann is bud? Any who it's speech to text. Takes literally 30 seconds. So less of an essay since typing isn't involved.

      YouTube DrifterYouTube DrifterPrije mjesec
    • @Paul Redmond Ok that's fine Paul. If that were the only issue. But sadly it's not. Also it's not just me. Go watch the multiple podcasts with pros on them this week. Stop trying to be a contrarian.

      YouTube DrifterYouTube DrifterPrije mjesec
  • I want Diego Jota vs Alexandera Arnold pls

    Jose FloresJose FloresPrije mjesec
    • Stop calling him Diego. DiOgo.

      Jean Jacques LundiJean Jacques LundiPrije mjesec
    • The rematch😂

      Cayden.MCayden.MPrije mjesec
    • TAA wont stand a chance.. Jota beat him in the final last season

      Akmal HaqAkmal HaqPrije mjesec
    • They played each other last year

      Prada *Prada *Prije mjesec
    • that would be cool

      Brawl RazorplayzBrawl RazorplayzPrije mjesec
  • What time does this actually start? The timer be resetting like crazyyy

    pio villanuevapio villanuevaPrije mjesec
    • 30 mins

      Cayden.MCayden.MPrije mjesec
  • Come on Jota lad! Up the reds! 🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴🔴

    Erwin HendrianErwin HendrianPrije mjesec
    • LMAOO

      hywahywaPrije 12 dana
    • The pfp has to go

      Itz LZBItz LZBPrije mjesec
    • If ur saying that change ur profile pic

      FlyJamieP11FlyJamieP11Prije mjesec
  • I'm a lfc fan But.... Tekz😫😫😫

    Mourice NarusebMourice NarusebPrije mjesec
  • Let's see a 2v2 Jota & Stingrayjnr vs Trent & Tekkz. There will be loads of banter.

    HarryHarryPrije mjesec
    • Yeees

      Ethron JrEthron JrPrije mjesec
  • Kill em all

    Sikamaru SanSikamaru SanPrije mjesec
  • Iam Liverpool Fans and You 👍👍👍👍

    Mohamed AhmedMohamed AhmedPrije mjesec

    FNC LukeFNC LukePrije mjesec
  • Hello

    Liverpool FanLiverpool FanPrije mjesec
    • Asc

      ahmed maxamedahmed maxamedPrije mjesec
  • no matter how many big stars a team needs committed and consistent come on Liverpool boys goal on

    Sandra LeeSandra LeePrije mjesec
  • Neeks

    Max PayneMax PaynePrije mjesec
    • imagine being hate in a fifa game 😂 😂 😂

      sponge pantssponge pantsPrije mjesec
    • @aryaman don't feed the freshy

      Max PayneMax PaynePrije mjesec
    • don't feed the troll

      aryamanaryamanPrije mjesec
    • @Marty Doran mate.. theres a limit you can go to. That is just straight offensive

      Yuvraj SinghYuvraj SinghPrije mjesec
    • @Warren Lucky lol butthurt shitterpool fan sym

      Max PayneMax PaynePrije mjesec
  • First comment

    FX LEGENDFX LEGENDPrije mjesec