Klopp's Reaction: 'Intense game with a decisive mistake' | Liverpool vs Chelsea

4. Ožu 2021.
62 553 Pregleda

Watch as the boss Jürgen Klopp gives his verdict on the Reds' Premier League defeat to Thomas Tuchel's side at Anfield.
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  • you don't belong there if u lose again the next game..still no progress..no point

    Maxwell LalungMaxwell LalungPrije mjesec
  • Advice your players to shoot from distance ...stop wasting balls ...you are not Barcelona ..you get all the possession but to shoot to score is a problem ...

    carinton jasoncarinton jasonPrije mjesec
  • not tracking back 75% of the goals Liverpool conceived is coming from the left side and I'm sorry Trent take the criticism

    _Alyssia_ xx_Alyssia_ xxPrije mjesec
  • Trent and Jones not good enough I'm sorry but it's the truth I I love them but I love Liverpool winning more Don't start 66 shirt and number 17 an we see Liverpool winning again the bear are not good enough Trent keep wasting everyone's efforts by random crosses and Jones very good but NOT STARTING 11 NO WAY it's really frustrating watching Liverpool like this just because of 2 irresponsible teens For god sake why no one can see this ?

    _Alyssia_ xx_Alyssia_ xxPrije mjesec
  • Jurgen play to the players strengths. You can’t be saying the only way to defend against fast strikers is to stop the pass or set an off side trap! Our defenders have no pace, allow them to drop 10/15 metres deep. Stop being stubborn.

    Andile NgidiAndile NgidiPrije mjesec
  • Thiago need to make the bench warm for the whole season. he's not good.

    FarizzulFaroukFarizzulFaroukPrije mjesec
  • YNWA , верим ❤❤❤

    Тайлер ДерденТайлер ДерденPrije mjesec
  • And the thumbnail is what??? A job well done? A fist bump for condolences? So damn weak. 🤨 Can we not get angry in this snowflake world anymore, "" Here Kabak and Robbo, take your trophy for participating, well done champ.""

    Copper RabbitCopper RabbitPrije mjesec
  • keep strong🏋️ YNWA🇮🇩⚽

    IM monster kingIM monster kingPrije mjesec
  • Gg, onto Sunday.

    CezrDaPleazrCezrDaPleazrPrije mjesec
  • Champion league

    Zane HamletZane HamletPrije mjesec
  • Ryan Kent better than Phil foden. But kloop is stubborn man. CURTIS???????

    Samuel AritonangSamuel AritonangPrije mjesec
  • Ryan Kent : 8 Curtis : 3 Bad player.

    Samuel AritonangSamuel AritonangPrije mjesec
  • we go again

    Aaron TAaron TPrije mjesec
  • This is so bad, 5 games at home lost in a row, even wirh injuries that is shameless, something needs to change, because every game it seems like we're saying the same things

    MisticaLMisticaLPrije mjesec
  • Klopp out!

    RoxadeRRoxadeRPrije mjesec
  • Klopp doesn't know what's he doing

    Yaseen HeuvelYaseen HeuvelPrije mjesec
  • YNWA

    Wada LanWada LanPrije mjesec
  • You can get 1 goal against chelsea but very often they score 0 own goals and yesterday it was 1 shot on goal in 95 minutes...there is the huge problem, not kabak or fabinho

    Thomas EbertThomas EbertPrije mjesec
  • Always lose and lose

  • What happen with youu

  • This is just sad to watch. Midfield has to change. Thiago fantastic against Chelsea away and Everton away common factor there no Curtis Jones. Trent a fantastic right back, best in the world, defensive skill not so great but hendo had that covered when Trent was upfront now Jones just leaves him exposed. Please drop Jones 🙏 if you continue with this midfield, YNWA is gonna be You'll Never Win Anything

    Kaveer IndermanKaveer IndermanPrije mjesec
  • Liverpool won't even make the top 6! Ha Ha Ha Scallys! :-D

    watchiingu nowwatchiingu nowPrije mjesec
    • @Eoin 1124 Looser pool Ha Ha Ha.

      watchiingu nowwatchiingu nowPrije mjesec
    • @Eoin 1124 I love it. Thinking of all those smug Scousers having to make excuses instead of facing reality. Why are you obsessed with me?

      watchiingu nowwatchiingu nowPrije mjesec
    • Why are u obsessed with Liverpool’s failure I’ve seen u commenting on multiple videos it’s pathetic

      Eoin 1124Eoin 1124Prije mjesec
  • Estoy cansado diciendo que thiago no sirve para nada el liverpoll, frena el equipo

    Armando TovarArmando TovarPrije mjesec
  • U can feel the sadness in his voice

    The 888th BeastThe 888th BeastPrije mjesec
  • Terrible substitutions made by klopp yet again 5 lost at anfield on the bounce this is unacceptable KLOPP,para

    paraffinalienparaffinalienPrije mjesec
  • It's just a very rough time with a team that's compromised. It's clear that we are a team that feeds of the energy of the crowd, which we don't have anymore as well. We can still succeed at the champions league. Don't forget that we just won the CL and PL, in this game you can't be at the top all the time....We will have our time again.

    Kid PowerKid PowerPrije mjesec
  • YNWA

    사탕사탕Prije mjesec
  • Bad result but I think jota guna be a big help could of got a goal in 90 mins definitely

    Anon face 2021Anon face 2021Prije mjesec
  • I'm watching just to give it a view 😞

    Ishtee RashidIshtee RashidPrije mjesec
  • Why wasn’t shaqiri playing

    Alamgir LodhiAlamgir LodhiPrije mjesec
  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😋😋😋

    Ousseynou GueyeOusseynou GueyePrije mjesec
  • C'mon team, this is hilarious!! We have the best roster ever, and we waste matches like that. Injuries are no longer the issue. Tactics need to change, now all the teams know how to defend on us. If we want to be in the top 4, there have to be some ultra major changes. Mbappe can't save the situation right now, all we need is a good CB

    Thanassis KoukoumakasThanassis KoukoumakasPrije mjesec
  • Jurgen out 💯

    Elon DustElon DustPrije mjesec
  • Klopp run out of ideas. sounding like Brendan now ....load of BS implying was all about ONE decisive moment. 7 home games 2 draws 5 straight defeats in that run we either lost or failed to beat most of the bottom 7teams in PL- Saints , Burnley , WBA , Brighton , Newcastle plus now vs Chelsea our FIRST shot on target was a weak header in 86th minute. Yet Klopp tries to pretend we were unlucky. Chelsea were unlucky NOT to win by 3 goals or more.

    Henry VIII King of EnglandHenry VIII King of EnglandPrije mjesec
  • Cmon jurgen get a grip on what's going on

    Luke AshtonLuke AshtonPrije mjesec
  • If we are losing every game anyhow, why not bring Fabinho back in CDM. He is the center of gravity for the team in that position..play milner or anyone else as CB. Just try it, what have you got to lose more than already lost? Pay me later, Liverpool coaching team.

    MedhatMedhatPrije mjesec
  • hypocritical coach, have lost instead of admitting defeat instead of defending himself, just fire Juergen Klopp if you don't want Liverpool to get worse because of the boring tactics of Juergen Klopp

    TRI MATRATRI MATRAPrije mjesec
  • Change curtis jones, he slow our passing pace, and doesnt help the defence, overrated. We need to speed up our passing pace, so we could create more chances and make more free space for salah & mane, jota in firmino out

    Pablo-XXPablo-XXPrije mjesec
  • Liverpool need some help to improve their mistakes😥

    Nayib's ArtNayib's ArtPrije mjesec
  • Klopp for the Kop Chop!! 😂

    Tonio O'NeillTonio O'NeillPrije mjesec
  • Fabinio is a midfielder not a defender why not play him there

    Dava BoltonDava BoltonPrije mjesec
  • Give up, move again. The game is over, not much time again. Win again Liverpool. 😍

    iman setiadiiman setiadiPrije mjesec
  • Está difícil, mas nossa maré vai melhorar!

    geovane fariasgeovane fariasPrije mjesec
  • When will Arnold go to play defens ?? 80% goals we get od his side !

    nikad statinikad statiPrije mjesec
  • Bobby had to go and Diego has to go striker

    JCrowder101 GamesJCrowder101 GamesPrije mjesec
  • never apologizes for these disastrous results, hah?! :(

    Sopish TehranSopish TehranPrije mjesec
  • Klopp's squad choices have been bizarre to say the least. Week in, week out more excuses after FIVE straight losses at Anfield!!! Week after week the exact same team comes out, just jiggled into different positions, except the front three. Firmino and Mane couldn't hit a barn door from 10 feet yet they play every single game. TAA has been woeful at the back, yet plays all the time. The selections are just baffling.

    Ken OKen OPrije mjesec
  • Kloppo beggar, hedgefonds money is not enough. Human trash = klopp

    Artorius Cinggis QahanArtorius Cinggis QahanPrije mjesec
  • If salah stays at liverpool beyond this season he is the only one to blame

    Karim ZeinKarim ZeinPrije mjesec
  • Ooohh...why salah ...why did you take him out ???salah was the best player in this game...l don't understand ..

    fatamorganafatamorganaPrije mjesec
  • Why was Salah subbed off if we need a goal Firmino for Jota Keita for Thiago Ox for Jones

    • yes that looks so worried

      CoDesign / ArCoDesign / ArPrije mjesec
  • Liverpool>Chelsea

    Matevž KorenMatevž KorenPrije mjesec
  • Be lucky finish top 10 at this rate. There’s clearly something going on at lfc as it can’t be all about the injuries reason (remember injuries is sadly part of the game ...it Happens )why not wining drawing on a Consistent basis. Klopp himself passed few interviews seemed more subdued even after last weeks win. Needs a fresh pair eyes look problem coz all I see is same answer to the question 433 trying do same thing . Either way you look at saying No VVD is why we losing then LFC has Big problems if all takes take 1 player out . I would Not be surprised if Klopp resigns at end season he’s Sadly Lost his Mojo and seems too Stubborn for New ideas.

    Hani MannHani MannPrije mjesec
    • nothing is wrong at LFC, klopp has refuse to learn from his Mistakes very stupid coach am very angry with him ,we have the players to do the job , firmino mane should have been drop to the bench long ago but he refuse ,am just tired of watching lfc matches

      flavour kingofafricaflavour kingofafricaPrije mjesec
  • Oh no I'm not happy

  • Please for god sake...change the team Jurgen.. Mane firmino salah Widjnaldum thiago Fabinho Robertson philips kabak arnold Alisson We are losing because our midfield is so weak.. That's why we can't develop our finishing So 1 advice...do this team And wait for the result... I know am not a manager... But i do watch my LFC TEAM play every time... So we are a team... Kindly change it Jurgen... YNWA

    King ashKing ashPrije mjesec
  • whats goind on with liverpool fc this season like a switch up from man city cmon lfc you need to inprove

    Mikolaj szmudzinskiMikolaj szmudzinskiPrije mjesec
  • I willl always back this team and manager because of what they have achieved. But in tough times like this, you have to fight. For Chelsea’s goal I need Trent, Thiago and Kabak to be hurling themselves at Mason to try and block the shot. There will be more pain this season but we are not as far away as the results might suggest. Once everyone is back fit and maybe a couple new signings, we will be back next year

    AdrodogAdrodogPrije mjesec
  • Minamino, the strongest❗️

    パク・セロイパク・セロイPrije mjesec
  • oh Klopp where is your enthusiasm, you are like a spoilt kid, its no wonder Liverpool are playing so poor. bla bla bla ...

    Geraint HopkinsGeraint HopkinsPrije mjesec
  • Play Fabinho in midfield and the results will change 3 points out of possible 15 were are we going are finishing in top 4?

    Kevin BwalyaKevin BwalyaPrije mjesec

    Stephen GillStephen GillPrije mjesec
  • We should change ourselves from a football club to a charity at this point. We’re just giving out hand wrapped 3 point gifts to everyone.

    Z-REXZ-REXPrije mjesec
  • I didn't want to watch the second half. Salah assisted twice in the first, though, to Mane and Jones, who both looked like they wanted the ball stuck up their respective asses.

    CarnivalCarnivalPrije mjesec
  • Forget about this season and focus on Champions league

    Samuel LegesseSamuel LegessePrije mjesec
    • @Samuel Legesse if they are bad in their own leagues, how could the possibly qualify for CL? Are you okay?

      Chiku BoomChiku BoomPrije mjesec
    • @Chiku Boom just because they are bad with their respective leagues doesnt mean they are unsuited to CL

      Samuel LegesseSamuel LegessePrije mjesec
    • @Samuel Legesse yes that's the point they are different leagues and even a 5 yr old kid knows that and the same 5 yr old kid would know the teams in CL are much better than lower league teams in PL. Fyi, Spurs never won anything and never will. ;)

      Chiku BoomChiku BoomPrije mjesec
    • @Chiku Boom CL and PL are different atmospheres brother tottenham was on CL final 2 yrs back but was very poor on Premier league

      Samuel LegesseSamuel LegessePrije mjesec
    • Can't even beat lower league teams in PL..you think we can play top teams in CL??

      Chiku BoomChiku BoomPrije mjesec
  • If Van Dijk recovers, he must play alongside Ozan KABAK.Ozan KABAK be going to good with Van Dijk

    Burak AteşBurak AteşPrije mjesec
  • YWNA

    Ajinkya PiseAjinkya PisePrije mjesec
  • I am losing sleep now because of these results ....... But i'll always love and support my club no matter what .....

    Yawar GanaieYawar GanaiePrije mjesec
  • You'll never walk alone.

    Fu CkFu CkPrije mjesec
  • Y'all listen. What if Jurgen loaned someone without no one knowing not even the Liverpool players. Then the next game they wanna sub out mane with 'someone' people are confused and wondering who it is, then we see coutinho entering the field😲😲

    Beat that sucker BBeat that sucker BPrije mjesec
    • I know it might not happen but like what will y'all reaction be

      Beat that sucker BBeat that sucker BPrije mjesec
  • We need Virgil Van Dijk

  • Champions don’t play at home

    Matthew du SartMatthew du SartPrije mjesec
  • We'll fight for the Europa League now💪🏼 YNWA

    Abhishek MalikAbhishek MalikPrije mjesec
  • We need to do something in the transfer market. We can't dust it off and declare everything's fine. We need a quality CB in place of Virgil or Matip. We need a striker too ( Yes, Haaland, please). Also, if possible, someone at CM. We need the original playing 11 to be back. Atleast in the next season, we'll spring back up.

    Sri SrujanSri SrujanPrije mjesec
  • The long ball plays we make are aweful, 1 shot on target on anfield. Time to mix it up with some fast combination football to be unpredictable. The long ball approach just isnt working anymore

    orange 12orange 12Prije mjesec
  • If you are not taking no shots how are you going to score?kmft

    Rush Dem tvRush Dem tvPrije mjesec
  • Klopp this is not mainz this is premier league if you lose one game you going the championship you will never lose alone looserpool 📤 out klopp we dont want fucking excuses

    IB7IB7Prije mjesec
  • Pls sir sell sadio mane that guy is playing nonsense this season

  • Defence is bad But attack is catastrophic Nevertheless YNWA

    Md RummanuzzamanMd RummanuzzamanPrije mjesec
  • Welcome to Europa League

    Sendi Aditya96Sendi Aditya96Prije mjesec
    • Not even Europa League...

      Chiku BoomChiku BoomPrije mjesec
  • Just want to give him a hug 😭 Europa league is beckoning unfortunately...just don't have the bodies nor the grit and determination, is it time to ask questions??

    Jonny ByrneJonny ByrnePrije mjesec
  • YNWA❤

    shingirai shambareshingirai shambarePrije mjesec
  • كلب يجب أن يرحل وناخد مثل اتشيلسي غيرت المدرب الأداء اتحسن

    Karema MossaKarema MossaPrije mjesec
    • صلاح بجب ان يرحل عن هذا النادي العقيم

      Karema MossaKarema MossaPrije mjesec
  • I will always support Liverpool FC and Klopp

    AzmilAzmilPrije mjesec
  • Your team does not want to be here. Maybe you are the only one want to be here. Go fix their mind before talk abt football and tactics.

    KNK YeungKNK YeungPrije mjesec
  • We need our 12th person back... the fans.

    theiviaster2theiviaster2Prije mjesec
  • the way we way it's too predictable,...change it please...how much lost that you need to learn it

    His ownHis ownPrije mjesec
  • Phillips is way better that kabak but no , klopp won't play him.. and yes continue Playing the high back line every game and then act surprise when we concede through that

    Dawroi ChallamDawroi ChallamPrije mjesec
  • I'm so disappointed with my team.....I hope We need to change the Coach.....!!!!!😂😂😂

    Shatta MoxyShatta MoxyPrije mjesec
    • lol

      thenext bigthingthenext bigthingPrije mjesec
  • YNWA 😢

    Paw 96Paw 96Prije mjesec
  • This season lost play for champions League spot it's ok. Make experiment for next season

    Sampath KumarSampath KumarPrije mjesec
  • Alisson, TTA, kabak,Nat Robbo, Jones, Fabinho, Keita Salah, Jota und Mane. We should start like this. I

    karl Erasurekarl ErasurePrije mjesec
    • @Jayzee31519 😄 I forgot Nat 👍👏

      karl Erasurekarl ErasurePrije mjesec
    • That’s only 10 players 😂😂

      Jayzee31519Jayzee31519Prije mjesec
  • Fair play Chelsea. They were by far the better team. Bobby and Ozan should both be dropped tho! They are horrendous!

    Imran MuktarImran MuktarPrije mjesec
  • انتم ما تعرفون تلعبون مدري ليش اشجعكم

    فهد العالميفهد العالميPrije mjesec
  • I love all these YT managers, who know better than Klopp ❓ Shut up ‼️ 👍🏻🍺😜🐾☯️👽👻💙🇬🇧

    crash fistfightcrash fistfightPrije mjesec
  • woooiiiii mbaaahh klooppp masih fokus untuk melatiih liverpool atau sudah mendua untuk melatiihh jermaan ?? jawaabbblaaaahhhh

    yudi hardiansyahyudi hardiansyahPrije mjesec
  • Masha'allah, creativity from this coach.

    Abdulrahman AlalawiAbdulrahman AlalawiPrije mjesec
  • Клоп ты мужик. Все впереди...YNWA

    Bakhtiyor HasanovBakhtiyor HasanovPrije mjesec
  • This is good progress, we just unlucky. In Klopp we trust

    Just a GameJust a GamePrije mjesec
  • Челси мог играть без вратаря.ниодного удара по воротам.

    Константин РомановКонстантин РомановPrije mjesec